The Instructor Training Course is a 10-week not-for-credit class during which time students will learn all the necessary information and skills to be a group fitness instructor. Students will be exposed to six different types of class formats: cardio, strength, dance, mind/body, cycle, and outdoor. The training course consists of weekly presentations, master classes & evaluative feedback. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in group fitness classes and practice sessions outside of class time. This training course requires a significant time commitment from all participants. No experience is required.


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下午4点,4:15 - - 下午5:15,下午5:30 - *试镜是11月14日,2019年试听时隙将在3日下午6:30 @西南娱乐中心*

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星期二 下午3:30 - 下午5点 SWRC Activity Room 1&3
星期四 下午3:30 - 下午5点 SWRC Activity Room 1&3



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